Half-Man Jackwell

questionmarkI woke up the other morning with the following words repeating in my head :

Half-man Jackwell, let me sing through the skies.

Half-man Jackwell, let me sing through the skies.

… Your guess is as good as mine.

I’m a DILD-oh


Not as easy as it looks

I’ll admit it: Any lucid dream I’ve ever had has been accidental. Up until recently I never went to bed with the intention of having a lucid dream — it’s always just kind of happened. One minute I’ll be blissfully unaware I’m dreaming — the next minute, I’m all, “WTF??? I’m FLYING!”

… That’s usually when the lucid hammer hits me on the head.

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My Subconscious Delights in Taunting Me

You are slave to my nocturnal whims!

You are slave to my nocturnal whims!

Most experienced lucid dreamers will tell you that in order to make your sleeping mind clue into the fact you’re dreaming, you need to do regular “reality checks.”

But what do you do when your sleeping mind uses your reality check to seriously mess with your head?

That’s what happened to me last night…

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Lucid Dream Tip: Don’t Get Hip-Checked by Your Reality Check

A “reality check” is a common method you can use to determine whether or not you’re actually in a dream or not. You perform a certain action to see if the results are what you would expect them to be in real life. If the results thumb their nose at the laws of physics, guess what?

… You’re probably dreaming.

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Lucid Dreaming and Buddhism

Lucid dreams a nightmare for the soul?

Lucid dreams a nightmare for the soul?

So I went out for dinner the other night with a friend who’s big into Buddhism and I told her all about my renewed focus on lucid dreaming.

I thought she would be really interested but to my surprise, she was horrified — like I’d told her I’d been drinking the blood of virgins to achieve eternal youth. She said if I didn’t stop my lucid dreaming efforts immediately I would never be able to achieve any kind of “true” spiritual enlightenment.

… Say what now?

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Dream Journal: Army of Darkness

I hate it when my insecurities bubble through into my dreams and ruin a good time.

… Not that being a common foot soldier trudging through a muddy field with the rest of the troops should be considered a good time. But it beats being told you’re a jealous, demanding, unlovable shrew who’s unworthy of her boyfriend’s affections…

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Research: Dream Therapy for Psychotics May Yield Results

Dream dissection -- the hard way

Dream dissection -- the hard way

Here’s a cool story I ran across on a dream forum I’ve started visiting…

According to a recent article on  Science Daily, research suggests that a link between lucid dreaming and psychotic conditions — and scientists are hoping that further exploration of this link might point the way to more effective treatment.

Here’s an excerpt from the article…

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Dream Journal: I Fight Authority and Authority Always Wins


Your soul is MINE

Okay, I have to know — what is the DEAL with all these “Fight the Man” dreams?

Except in this case, the “Man” was Dame Judi Dench — and the Dame was looking for blood. Specifically, mine — all because I got suckered into trying to help some rebel priestesses win their freedom from a brutal regime.

I swear, you try to help some people…

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Dream Journal: Lucid dreaming achieved! Kind of… for a quick half second

Beware horny old men and soul-sucking aliens

Beware of horny old men and soul-sucking aliens

Four days into my dream journaling experiment and I’ve already experienced my first lucid dream. Not bad!

… Only problem was, even though I knew I was dreaming I couldn’t control the events. And the trigger I’ve been trying to train my sleep self to recognize as proof I’m dreaming ended up being the thing that killed my lucidity and forced me back into the internal logic of the dream. Thwarted!

Soul-snatching aliens, sex auctions, and even MORE totalitarian-regime-toppling rebels after the jump…

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Dream Journal: They Grow Up So Soon *sniff*

Typhoid-infested jungles… freedom-fighting space cowboys… and girls with electric whips.

Just another night in the twisted mind of Lucid Dream Girl…

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