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Lucid Dreaming and Buddhism

Lucid dreams a nightmare for the soul?

Lucid dreams a nightmare for the soul?

So I went out for dinner the other night with a friend who’s big into Buddhism and I told her all about my renewed focus on lucid dreaming.

I thought she would be really interested but to my surprise, she was horrified — like I’d told her I’d been drinking the blood of virgins to achieve eternal youth. She said if I didn’t stop my lucid dreaming efforts immediately I would never be able to achieve any kind of “true” spiritual enlightenment.

… Say what now?

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The Lucid Dreaming Project Begins!


Know Thyself

One of the greatest experiences of my life happened when I wasn’t even awake.

I was in Japan, living in a small town about an hour south of Tokyo. One night after a typical evening spent drinking beer and writing until I could no longer keep my eyes open, I fell asleep while sitting on the floor at my kotatsu.

When I awoke with a jerk hours later, I was embarrassed to discover that I had passed out in the living room. Again.

Then, as I sat there, a sudden image flashed in my mind: A clear visual memory of me crawling into my bed earlier that night.

I had gone to bed. So what was I doing in the living room?

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