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I am my own worst nightmare — literally

Don't y'all have anything better to do?

Don't y'all have anything better to do?

Do you ever have those nightmares where something really scary is chasing you and you’re finding it almost impossible to run because you’re soooooo tired and your feet feel like they’re encased in cement and each step takes an eternity and you know that scary monster is going to catch up to you and chomp your head off any second now?

… Have you ever wondered what might happen if you turned around and confronted the beast?

That’s what I did in a dream I had some years ago. And the results were NOT what I expected.

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Dream Journal: Lucid dreaming achieved! Kind of… for a quick half second

Beware horny old men and soul-sucking aliens

Beware of horny old men and soul-sucking aliens

Four days into my dream journaling experiment and I’ve already experienced my first lucid dream. Not bad!

… Only problem was, even though I knew I was dreaming I couldn’t control the events. And the trigger I’ve been trying to train my sleep self to recognize as proof I’m dreaming ended up being the thing that killed my lucidity and forced me back into the internal logic of the dream. Thwarted!

Soul-snatching aliens, sex auctions, and even MORE totalitarian-regime-toppling rebels after the jump…

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The Lucid Dreaming Project Begins!


Know Thyself

One of the greatest experiences of my life happened when I wasn’t even awake.

I was in Japan, living in a small town about an hour south of Tokyo. One night after a typical evening spent drinking beer and writing until I could no longer keep my eyes open, I fell asleep while sitting on the floor at my kotatsu.

When I awoke with a jerk hours later, I was embarrassed to discover that I had passed out in the living room. Again.

Then, as I sat there, a sudden image flashed in my mind: A clear visual memory of me crawling into my bed earlier that night.

I had gone to bed. So what was I doing in the living room?

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