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I did it! I WBTB’d! (Kinda sorta)


I so need to buy this book

I’m beginning to realize that this whole lucid dream scene is riddled with as many baffling acronyms as the Canadian Armed Forces. (I worked at a military base as a student employee for two summers and have never seen so many randomly stuck-together letters in my life.)

I swear, one of these days I’m going to be able to proudly claim that because I’ve been doing CAT I had a WBTB WILD that transitioned into a DEILD triggered by a DS that gave me such awesome DC I woke up ROTFLMAO — SRSLY.

Or something like that…

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I’m a DILD-oh


Not as easy as it looks

I’ll admit it: Any lucid dream I’ve ever had has been accidental. Up until recently I never went to bed with the intention of having a lucid dream — it’s always just kind of happened. One minute I’ll be blissfully unaware I’m dreaming — the next minute, I’m all, “WTF??? I’m FLYING!”

… That’s usually when the lucid hammer hits me on the head.

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