Lucid Dreaming Explained


Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake -- Henry David Thoreau

Imagine flying miles above the ground, swooping and soaring over glistening snow-capped mountain peaks.

… Or how about morphing into a wolf and feeling the wind blow through your fur as you run through an ancient old-growth forest?

Or maybe you’d rather cavort with dolphins in the deep blue sea, or use your newly discovered ability to blow things up with your mind to eradicate the forces of evil.

(Ka-THOOM! Take that, Spawn of Satan!)

Think these things are impossible? You might be surprised. All these experiences — and so many more — can be yours in a lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is the ability to maintain conscious awareness in a dream environment. When you know that you’re dreaming you can develop the ability to control what happens in your dream.  And that’s when unbelievably cool things can happen. You can literally set the stage for your own dreams. Even the laws of physics will bend to your will.

Feel like traveling back to Ancient Egypt? Hey, look — there’s the Sphinx, waiting to give you a tour of Giza. Want to play music with one of the masters? There’s Mozart, squishing over to make room for you on the piano bench. Want to be the greatest kickboxer  who ever lived? There’s Jean-Claude Van Damme, waiting to get his ass whupped.

Of course, the experiences you have in a dream aren’t real. But the physiological effects they can have on you are very real indeed. When you master the ability to tap directly into your own subconscious and are capable of exploring your own deepest, most hidden aspects of self, you will develop a much stronger sense of self-awareness that will carry through to your waking life.

You’ll become a more confident person who is better able to face your fears and anxieties. You will develop better mental focus that will greatly enhance your critical problem-solving skills as well as your artistic creativity. You’ll be able to learn new skills faster. And of course, you’ll enjoy deeper, more satisfying sleep that will recharge your batteries the energy you need to accomplish so much more during the day.

In short, when you control your dreams, you control your self at the most fundamental level — and you will find yourself able to achieve so much more in your waking life as well.

… Which is pretty freakin’ cool, don’t you think?

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