I did it! I WBTB’d! (Kinda sorta)


I so need to buy this book

I’m beginning to realize that this whole lucid dream scene is riddled with as many baffling acronyms as the Canadian Armed Forces. (I worked at a military base as a student employee for two summers and have never seen so many randomly stuck-together letters in my life.)

I swear, one of these days I’m going to be able to proudly claim that because I’ve been doing CAT I had a WBTB WILD that transitioned into a DEILD triggered by a DS that gave me such awesome DC I woke up ROTFLMAO — SRSLY.

Or something like that…


… You know that vampire dream I described in my last post?

After I woke up from it I decided to try the WBTB to see if I could get back in my dream and attain lucidity.

“WBTB” stands for “Wake Back to Bed” and means exactly what you’d think. After you wake up from a dream, you get up and do something like go to the bathroom — anything that will shake off the groggies and get you alert. Then you go back to bed and fall asleep again while focusing on achieving lucidity in the next dream you have.

The theory is, since you tend to have longer REM cycles as the night progresses, if you can wake up and think about lucid dreaming right before falling into one of those longer middle-of-the-night dreams, your chances of achieving lucidity are greatly increased.

So after I had my vampire dream, I tried to will myself to fall back asleep into the same vampire dream I’d just awakened from. And I did it!
I slipped right back into the same dream. AND I was aware that I was back with the vamp in the same setting I’d just left.

However, even though I experienced a certain deja vu I didn’t consciously realize I was dreaming and made no effort to control the dream in any way. So… it warn’t exactly lucid.

That said, it was still a pretty awesome dream! In this sequel, the vampire was still a supernatural creature but no longer a vampire per se. He had super strength and other magical talents but was now a good guy who was being chased by bad guys and it was up to little old mundane me to keep him safe. Funny — the figure that had been threatening to EAT me was now a tragic hero I needed to forget.

Somehow he’d found the time to shave between dreams and his badly frosted hair had lightened to become natural blond.

(So even though I wasn’t lucid I guess I did manage to twist my dream into something more entertaining.)

My not-vamp dark hero had an affinity for fire — maybe he was some kind of flare? I remember we were back at the same cafeteria counter as in the previous dream except this time instead of getting pissy with the wait staff, he fixated on the deep fryers and kept remarking on “how quietly they burned.” Even in my dream, I knew that was a kooky dream to say. A deep fryer… quiet?

The bad guy chasing him was a creepy little thing that looked like a child but wasn’t. He had two demon creatures with him–one that looked like a gargoyle and one that looked like a slithery dragon with wings, except it was crystalline and perfectly see through. My dark hero kept on creating “doorways” in the middle of the air that would take us to an entirely different place. We kept jumping from place to place all over the world, but still the creepy little not-child was hot on our tracks.

Finally, my guy said that the only solution was to return home so he could draw on his dead mother’s power to replenish his batteries, as it were.

At that moment I knew exactly how the rest of the dream was going to play out: it was really his dead MOTHER who was his enemy — she was acting beyond the grave to pull him toward his doom. And if he went back to his house he was going to end up pulling a Norman Bates on me and be possessed by his dead mother’s spirit, even to the point of putting on her wig and clothes and chasing after me with an axe.

… I knew all that was going to happen unless *I* stopped it. I tried to tell him what I knew, but he refused to listen to me say anything bad at all about his sainted mother (who was really demonic and evil and had allowed herself to die only so she could more readily tap into the powers of hell).

And so I foiled her plans in the only way I knew how: I woke up.

In your face, bitch!

Already been done

Already been done

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