Dream Journal: Just because it’s fluffy, that doesn’t mean it won’t swallow you WHOLE

Creatures of the night

Creatures of the night

This was the tail-end of a very long and convoluted dream I had a few nights ago:

I was staying the night in a room with A and another girl . The whole scenario reminded me of when I used to visit A in Tokyo and we’d go out all night and then crash around dawn at that overcrowded gaijin rental house she shared with a gazillion other people.

The dream had the same “strangers are everywhere and they can hear everything I say and probably smell me, too” kind of vibe.

It wasn’t exactly doing it for me.

It was late but none of us had eaten dinner yet so we decided to talk a walk to the grocery store just down the street. I borrowed a bright sky-blue scarf to wrap around my neck for the trip.

The neon brightness of the supermarket stood out in stark contrast to the night’s inky darkness. In the grocery store I caught sight of a guy I’d been like, crushing on forever. (Yes, it did seem that juvenile in the dream.) He was walking up and down the aisles in the freezer section. I kept glancing at him, hoping he’d notice me. At some point after entering the store I had kicked off my shoes, so now I was walking around barefoot. My feet were getting chilly and I wanted to go back and get my shoes before some employee picked them up, but I didn’t want to lose sight of the cute boy. Dilemma!

By this time I was in the produce section, having followed the cute boy there. I noticed a short tower of soup cans stacked in cardboard flats at the end of the aisle ahead of me. A movement on top of the cans caught my eye. It was a rodent–a big, black, fluffy rat — kind of like a baby-rabbit-soft guinea pig, but definitely with the hairless tail of a rat.

I glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed it. Nope. I was the only one. I  debated raising the alarm, wondered if that would mean the creature’s inevitable death (my guess was yes). I looked back at it and considered. Was the thing too scary to live or too cute to kill?

As I considered, something else appeared at the top of the can tower. A wee, tiny, mouse scampering hesitantly from one can to the next. The big, black, fluffy rat POUNCED on the mouse and ate it all up in one gulp.

Too scary to live.

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